CAZ. Would you pay to move fresh air?

In an article today from Air Quality News entitled MPs to probe impact of CAZs on freight sector  it would seem .

The newly reformed All-Party Parliamentary Group for Road Freight and Logistics is calling for evidence into the impact of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) on the freight sector

We trust they will consider the following.  Clean air is essential if we want to stay alive; nothing simpler. If people want to continue polluting then it’s about time they accepted some responsibility and paid for the privilege, more so given the escalating health costs to society and the hammering that road congestion gives our economy.

Climate change is real and it should be focusing minds away from whining about the costs of running vehicles towards how we reduce the number of them by doing things differently.

WHY do we tolerate trains running around half empty at off peak times

when with a bit of effort and imagination, and not a lot of money, we could harness this (wasted) capacity to move freight into city centres? Why is something that is so simple and so obvious lost on so many people? How hard can it be?!?!

If we present business with an alternative that is fast, frequent, secure, reliable, SUSTAINABLE and cost effective then surely we offer the carrot to offset the CAZ stick?

We’ve PROVEN over 11 years that trains dovetail very effectively with EVs and cargo bikes to deliver highly effective trunking and clean air logistics.


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