We compress time and space. A2B for B2B @ 125mph

InterCity RailFreight provides the fastest overland logistics service in the UK. Period.

Combining high-speed trains with connecting first/last mile road links, we provide the fastest, most reliable, frequent and sustainable means to achieve same-day and next-day delivery.

By fast, we mean up to 125mph, our linehaul services averaging 70mph between connecting city centre stations. For cross-Channel transits, there’s also an even faster 186mph network available.

By reliable, we mean over 98.8% of linehaul services arrive within 15 minutes of schedule (so says the Office of Rail & Road’s public performance measure).

By frequent, we mean at least an hourly service each way from early morning to late evening (so there’s never long to wait for the next same-day departure).

By sustainable, we mean the combination of low/zero-emission first and last-mile services (our partners use electric vehicles and cargo bikes) with high-efficiency electric and diesel-electric rail services.

ICRF Paddington
Another high-speed service approaches journey’s end, in the heart of the city

With a track record spanning more than a decade, InterCity’s services operate through our unique set of access and security agreements, negotiated with GB train operating companies, Network Rail and the Department of Transport.

Over the last 10 years our award-winning “bellyhold” rail services have moved everything from life-saving medical tests and treatments to artwork, legal and financial documents, fresh fish and even live crustaceans. For customers ranging from artisan food producers and leading medical laboratories to some of the world’s largest online retailers. All covered by ISO 9001 (certificate GB2005723) and bespoke insurance cover.

Our turn-up-and-go services use secure spaces on scheduled high-speed train services, allowing fast and frequent fulfilment – as soon as your customer orders are received, a local courier can be despatched to collect the order (or we interface with your existing carrier network) and place this on the next available high-speed service, the entire door-to-door transit tracked in real time.

For larger volumes, we can increase capacity to one or more 30 cubic metre vehicles on off-peak services. For even larger flows we can organise “charter” (360 cubic metres) or “freighter” (over 1,000 cubic metres) through selected train operating companies.

And we don’t stop there – we can also provide micro-consolidation centres at forward locations in towns and cities across the country, through access to a network of over 2,500 existing interchanges (you might know them as passenger stations) and a growing number of rail-linked distribution centres and road/rail cross-docks. Working with selected partners, we can provide access to a national network, combined with local knowledge.

We also provide an expanding network of ICT services, linking customers with a suite of API feeds from the rail network, providing real-time tracking and predicted ETA of services.

Interested in knowing how we can accelerate your supply chain to 125mph? Contact us here.