Twilight deliveries at 125 mph

Twilight Deliveries

When its urgent, but not too urgent...

When you need a few more hours to prepare your shipment and the carriers have long gone, we’re still there for you.

Using evening trains, our Twilight service will collect your consignment and ship it to your delivery point the same evening.

Priced below the same day rate, you still get the confidence of knowing that your precious cargo will reach its destination before the deadline.

Twilight also lends itself to the consolidation of deliveries that can be shipped on a single trunk ready for delivery the same evening or as part of our next day service, with our incremental delivery charge also working to your advantage.

Again, no hubs so full insurance cover and the same sustainability credentials.

Medi Fast Track

A highly specialised service for the medical sector
focus on

Same day

Get it there NOW!


Urgent, but not too urgent!


The 09.00 challenge!



125mph low-carbon logistics and now ISO9001 certified!

Intercity Railfreight is proud to have received its ISO 9001 accreditation.

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