same day service at 125 mph

same day service

Pick it, put it on the train and deliver.

 If urgency is the key then what better than a trunking service that can legally hit speeds of up to 125mph?

Our same day services are door to door. Pick it, put it on the train and deliver. Simple: no hanging about, no diversions to collect/deliver other stuff and no waiting for consolidation.

And no hubs – which means FULL insurance cover for not one penny more!

Missed the train? We’ll use the next one, with departure frequencies from some stations as often as every ten minutes.

All of our trains are covered by courier partners operating cargo bikes and/or electric vehicles which means that a big tick goes into the CSR/sustainability box as a bonus and at no additional cost.

We price by the consignment and offer discounts for multiple rail trunking runs during the day. Additional collections and deliveries based on a trunk run are offered at incremental cost only so offering further savings.

Medi Fast Track

A highly specialised service for the medical sector
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Same day

Get it there NOW!


Urgent, but not too urgent!


The 09.00 challenge!



Faster sustainable logistics post COVID 19?

Having recently been awarded an ISO 9001 for providing sustainable logistics and considerable media interest we spoke to MD Jeff Screeton on the subject of the award, InterCity Railfreight and the possible future of railways in the UK.

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See us at Med-Tech 2020

Cancelled due to you know what… Ahead of appearing at Med-Tech 2020, Intercity Railfreight has launched Medi FastTrack. Bringing together expertise from across the fields

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Proud to be supporting independent testing labs in the fightback against COVID - high-speed movement of patient samples across the country, allowing same-day testing and reporting back to patients, and making best use of spare train capacity #Covid19UK

In the time it takes to read this tweet, our customer deliveries cover 0.2 miles on average, or 0.4 miles at full tilt. We put the F in FMCG...

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