Are you having problems with couriers that rely on road transport?

You are not alone. Speed is critical when it comes to sample testing which is why more companies are switching to rail.
This service has proven to be fast; some centre to centre speeds are just a few whiskers short of averaging 100 mph.

Can you trust your courier to deliver?

Not only do we offer a solution but it's unique! And not only is it unique but it's been tried and tested over ten years and is probably one of the most finely honed logistics operations you'll find.
Security is key and being a direct service there is little fear of your precious consignment being stolen or damaged.

How green is your busines?

As climate change and other environmental issues take centre stage and impact all areas of our lives, responsible companies are taking initiative to reduce their carbon footprints.
Not only is that good business but you can achieve a 80% reduction on each of your deliveries overnight by simply switching to Medi Fast Track

fast secure and more environmentally friendly than road transport

how it works