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Intercity railfreight are the only multi-function rail facilitator in the UK

Metro Logistics has the principal objective of helping local authorities to cut congestion and pollution in town and city centres.

It draws on our experience of moving freight on passenger trains: whereas in the past we have utilised the marginal space available in lockers or power cars, with ML we capture whole carriages which are unused on off-peak services running between outer urban and city centre stations.

We’re also utilising the advances in cycle logistics technology which enables us to employ standardised freight units that can easily and quickly be wheeled on/off trains straight to a power assisted trailer harnessed to the humble bicycle. Once again urban stations become dynamic freight hubs served by sustainable local transport.

What has set the model apart is the commitment to rail related property from institutional investors with a keen interest in sustainable transport and distribution.

With money available for station improvements and local facilities it helps councils achieve a shift to public transport; at the same time, using the trains to move larger volume freight at the same time as passengers makes better use of rail capacity and reduces the number of vans delivering into town centres.

Thus metro logistics demonstrates a transport virtuous circle.   Watch the video to the right for more…

Logistics what changed and what will continue to change.

Past present and future.  Once upon a time there was Red Star….

The future is rial


You speak logistics not rail  we speak both.

Working with the rail industry.  Joy. 

Major misconceptions about rail


How we solve congestion and bring more to the party.  Metro logistics and the bigger picture.  Steve 


Pollution.  The government can’t run from it but can’t solve it because they are looking in the wrong place.

Yon can ban lorries but you can’t ban trains that go right to the heart of the city not a hub 500 miles away



Flexible freight the best of both worlds.  With a little bit of lateral thinking behold the multi function chuff chuf has arrived.  Explain…

International.  Take an airport for example.  We can also add Europe to this.  Explain…

What you thought was too difficult before - we have already done.
What you think is difficult tomorrow we will help you solve today.

Call so we can relieve you of a load of cash immediately. Explain


We are the only company in the UK that work with TOCS

Nope – projects – Bristol – Airport etc

God knows unless you ask the question. 

The future is Freight on Passenger Trains

InterCity Railfreight

Soon our major cities will be placing restrictions on diesel vehicles in an attempt to reduce pollution.

This is not a maybe scenario the government are committed to it.

We are your solution to the problem.

Why passenger trains

Trains run to a timetable and this enables us to plan the first and last mile to not only deliver better resource utilisation but also to fully utilise zero carbon transport such as cycle logistics and electric vehicles.

The shared user nature of the services enables customers to vary their commitment on a day by day basis.  The late departures enable manufacturers to enjoy a longer production day: early morning arrival sees consignments delivered well before the start of the working day.

Journey so far

Short version of how we got here

Timeline kind of style.  As in we started in – moved fish then etc…….



Retail & Food

At ILG we understand how protective any company is of its products and reputation, and that handing over the fulfilment of your orders to an outside company is a big decision.

We take this responsibility very seriously and train our staff to make sure our customers benefit from all the advantages of fulfilment outsourcing without any of the worries. With over 100 clients and more than 150,000 stock items being managed by our 220 dedicated staff, we consistently achieve a pick accuracy of 99.9%.


Biocair has a very strong customer service ethic – this is built on understanding our clients’ requirements and providing a service with a high level of knowledge (which we believe is the key determinant of success in bio-logistics) and empathy.

Metro Logistics

Soon our major cities will be placing restrictions on diesel vehicles in an attempt to reduce pollution.
This is not a maybe scenario the government are committed to it.


This could about Bristol – Europe – Airports whatever we like.

Consultancy Service

We have experts in railway systems, rolling stock, rail operations, asset management and infrastructure upgrade and renewal; many of whom have previously worked for infrastructure controllers, operators, manufacturers or contractors. We understand the vital need for robust systems integration and assurance and can address these.

125 MPH

travel at up to 125 mph

24 hours

leave several times an hour


The least polluting of all forms of transport


secure compartments for those parcels.


The Doctors Laboratory
Someone important
Managing director

Using Intercity Railfreight

percent time saving compared to some road movements
percent average train operator timekeeping performance
Percent cost savings

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